Updates of pretty pictures


The first would be Artemisia’s map. The areas she can access differ from areas Del can, mostly because she doesn’t go to his school nor does she care about where Aeval lives.



The second is part of the supporting cast and really minor characters. I didn’t include several students because all they do is sit around in the beginning of Del’s path and I don’t feel like drawing them, although I drew a character that is seen one time, saying something about an art gallery, and probably will never be seen again.


The last is one of Lucia’s outdoor clothing. She will be seen, counting all paths, wearing 4 outfits– home/baker, school uniform, and two outdoor ones.
Not feeling like scanning it but I have a paper with designs for the main characters. Del gets an awesome-looking jacket, which is manlier than his hoodie, and Aeval gets a really, really puffy outfit because I don’t know. Artemisia will only be seen in one.

Huzzah. Now that’s done, I’ll go back into my hiatus.

My NaNo is merciless.


Side tracked like heck

Okay, so I thought I could juggle NaNo with working on Things Not Seen, but apparently not. The story wouldn’t let me think about anything but it, but I somehow managed to outline Delbert’s part and decide on Artie’s fabulous jacket despite the insanity. Since I like pretty pictures I’m just going to post Artemisia’s outfit, which you sadly won’t see a whole lot unless I do actually make the bazillion CGs like I intended..

RE: Things Not Seen, serious version.

I know that crying wolf for the second time would make my claims much less credible, but I really say that I’m serious this time. I’ve thought more into the story, tried to get rid of the gaping wide plotholes, actually settled on a way to do this, and is actually working on coding some parts. So yes, I’d say I’m prepared now. The past me is an idiot, I know. I apologise, both to everyone and me, because her presence torments my future.


Anyway, there’s several new additions that were finalized and just needed more work, but I’m slowly getting there. I’ve also started on improving my art so you people don’t have to suffer through my failure anymore. To prove that, I’m putting some of Aeval’s sprites.Image

A bit more cartoonish than my usual fare, but I feel like it delivers expression better than my normal style. Then again, my reformation on art is really stripping my arts from its identity. I’m not sure how things will turn out either.

Anyway, on to the actual finalized stuffs… (eloquent as ever.)

+ Delbert is now part of the main cast. This image has three spaces in it. He is now trapped between two girls who do not even like him. Score!

+ “Free adventuring” parts where you blindly walk around trying to find your way back, courtesy of Artemisia. These clicking part isn’t exclusive to that scene, though; there will be scenes where you’re supposed to find some items that is supposed to help you in your investigation.

+ Notes and/or phones that differed between characters. Artemisia will have both, while Aeval and Del will only have phones. Due to their personalities, the usage of these phones will differ.

– No more points based stats. I was heavily influenced by X-Note, but now I realised that the style really don’t fit my story because it’s not based on a dating sim. Just make your decisions wisely.

– No NVL screens for dreams.


As for my other projects… They don’t have a future. Maybe if I could salvage it, I would, but right now, I have no clue how to do that.

Crawling my way–

I’m starting to feel better with doing Bean.exe’s arts, but so far I’ve only finished the kitchen, and on my way to colour the living room. Since I’m really eager and school started, I feel like posting something, so yeah.

Oh, and right! I actually posted the artless, musicless version for feedback, but it was on DeviantART.

The general consensus was BEAAAAN so I’m hoping the story is at very least decent. But, well, I’m no writer. (I am a very bad bg artist)

Introducing: Dreamer.

Since I finished writing Bean.exe (although the art is giving me quite the trouble), I feel like I could start developing a new story. It’s actually not that new, but let us pretend.

Dreamer is a fairly dark story of a young girl named Josephine, who is a mathematical genius but is without any regard or support. Her life is repressed, until she starts hearing things… Or is she?

You are Voice. Speak, or retain your silence.

Possible endings: 4 (?)

Warning: This vn contains suicide and hallucinating character.

Like said above, you are the voice. Generally you have 2 choices– be good or be bad, but don’t be surprised if you still get a neutral ending when you are nice. There is a third “option”, to stay silent. You won’t make her happier, but things won’t be all that bad either.

It’s the sort of vn where there is no good endings. Possibly depressing, though.


Oh! And the setting is in 1940’s, somewhere around 1938. If you know what this means, congrats.


Okay, I said I was going to do Supernova, which, well, turned out to be a lie.

Yesterday I had an idea of writing Bean.exe, which I have NO idea where it came from, but anyway, I think it’s pretty neat so I worked on it. For two days. Trust me, 2k is painful when you’re looking at Courier New and the scripting is pretty darn awful.



Anyway, it’s really short– about 2,5k, 3k at most. It only has 2 endings as well as 3 menus, but I guess it’s more like a kn with choices instead of a real vn. I’m debating whether to add or omit sprites, but well, I’ll upload the comparison soon-ish.

The story:

You are Bean– Ernest Gibbs’ latest robot. You were created to make coffee. Except as time passes by, you start to learn things, including positive and negative reactions. You are rather sentient.

Then things go bad for your creator, and you can protect him from himself or stay loyal as he decays.

Not very happy, compared to the title, huh?